Doug Gimbel - Vocals

For Douglas Gimbel, everything is about creativity.  Whether he is making paintings and sculptures, or vocal freestyling on stage, it comes down to the act of making. 

His art and music deal with similar themes; scales of time, the present, civil liberties and the human condition.  Lead vocalist for numerous bands, Douglas's credits include: The Heavy Metal Horns, The Boston Horns [featured vocalist], The Red Light Revue, and Random Order.  The latter was an all improv band who vowed to "Never play the same song twice."

"The level of musicianship in HDRnB is amazing," says Gimbel.  "We improv onstage, and I record everything.  I work on the songs at home and add a bridge or something and usually change the lyrics a bit." 

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Gimbel recognizes the correlation between fine art and music.  They are similar languages with different methods of expression.  Live music speaks about the moment intrinsically.  There is a give and take between the musicians, and also between the artists and the audience.  This is something that does not happen in a studio setting when making fine art or music.  The give and take during a live show has an energy and a power that exemplifies the possibities of collective consciousness. 

Gimbel has worn many hats including; landscape design, interior architecture, charity auctioneer, storyteller, gallery owner, and retail consultant, and he's hosted countless charity fundraisers.  He's a world traveler, having made music and art in more than 30 countries.  "It has been an interesting and varied life so far...I can't wait to see what's next!"